Effective report/proposal writing

Duration: 1 or 2 days

Learn how to make your proposals and reports sharper, targeted and impactful. Writers of introductions to investment memoranda and audit reports will also find this course useful. The two-day version of the course includes time to write and edit your own report/proposal.

This course is customisable for a variety of professionals such as non-profit researchers, programme managers, human rights campaigners, even auditors.

Follow-up 1-on-1 coaching available to address individual writing challenges.

Business writing coaching

Duration: Minimum six 2-hour coaching sessions

1-to-1 or 1-to-group coaching for company-sponsored groups or individuals.

The first session is a goal-setting session and a skills assessment. The last session is a final assessment to test progress.

Photo credit: J Communications

Photo credit: J Communications

Confidence Training

One-on-one presenting and speaking coaching for professionals who speak to clients, donors and other high-level audiences and want to do it better. Learn how to carry yourself during networking and business settings.

Photo credit: brit.co

Photo credit: brit.co

The course covers:

  • Connecting with the audience

  • Body language

  • Be persuasive to your audience

  • Handling adversity in the midst of your presentation

  • Tips for handling nerves

Other services:

• Ghost-writing articles to raise the profile, thought leadership of your company or organization.

• Editing and proofreading reports.

• Translating research reports into policy briefs


Effective business email for sales teams

Duration: Full day

Learn to write attention-grabbing, clear, concise email to get your clients’ attention. Get closer to closing that deal.

Photo credit: Unsplash

Photo credit: Unsplash

Email for effective team communication & coordination

Duration: Half day/ Full day

Workplace emails are a highly abused form of communication. Bring sanity and clarity back to this essential form of communication. Learn about email etiquette and concision.

Effective workplace blogging

Duration: Half day/ Full day

For consultants, entrepreneurs, business development and marketing professionals. This workshop provides the space and time to clarify your message, design and plan content and finally, schedule it. No more sighing in front of your blank computer screen. The full-day version of the course allows you time to write blog articles.

In addition, learn how to:

  • Make your content and writing resonate with your audience.

  • Write attention-grabbing (not click-bait) headlines

  • Generate writing ideas for your blog on your own and in a group.

  • Learn how to increase your following and engagement.


Professional image consulting

Whether you’re in an executive position or on the board, we partner with Ace Style Consultants to offer you professional image and shopping advice.